Sunday, June 29, 2008

Recession Going According to Plan, President Says in Secret Recording

Washington D.C. - June 29 - In a recent secret recording, obtained from covert spies, President Bush addressed his White House staff and advisors to say that the execution of the current recession is going just as planned.

The recording is thought to have been made by the Covert Information Retrieval and Assessment Team, a rumored sub-agency of the CIA, using software that records off of microphones of laptops. It last for an hour and fifteen minutes.

In the meeting, thought to have occurred sometime in the June 19-22 timeframe, the President also says that worldwide efforts to drive up fuel prices are having the effect that they had been calculated to. Further efforts are underway to increase prices even more and the President and his staff see no hindrances to their current plans.

Numerous references to 'finishing the job we started' are made. According to much of what was said, the rising fuel price situation seems to be the backbone of the plan, said an anonymous analyst. Also, the reference to last year's expansion of foreclosure criteria indicates that much of the foreclosure activity is part of the President's plan as well.

Other points were also addressed, such as payment stimulus for airline executives as an 'Operations Deferral Plan" is enacted, shipment of equipment to enhance CO2 output of plants and factories, and accelerated internal spending for social security.

The evil extended laugh near the end of the tape is thought to be that of Dick Cheney.