Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Local Ice Cream Maker Cited for Inclusion of Frozen Pustules

Newark, NJ – July 22, 2014 – A local ice cream maker was indicted by the New Jersey State Police for intentionally adding frozen pustules to its product in June. The iEatscream franchise has been temporarily shut down as a result. Owner Jackard Melhicula was taken into custody Monday afternoon by Newark police while charges remain pending.

Known for its Icy Swirlspheres and flavored Granola Yogurtz’n’Gelato, the company reportedly added frozen pustules into its mixture at an Edison, NJ processing plant. The pustules were first reported by parents in a nearby township. Last week, a local school chef said there were “nasty floatin’ thangs” in his ice cream.

Science student Ally Ordonnle tested a sample in a local high school laboratory. “I honestly thought I could make this work for my term science project and paper,” she said under Oath of Embellishment. When test results indicated there were pustules, Ordonnle was “grossed out” and reported the finding to the science dean, who then notified a local response team.

Detailed analysis by the FDA is ongoing, according to the Non-Associated Press. As of now, officials say there is nothing to worry about. The pustules are likely dormant and pose no threat to the public.

This is not the first violation iEatscream has faced. In 2008, reports of metal shards in a discontinued product, SwishSlash Ices, surfaced. It turned out a natural additive was mixed with the crushed ice to make it look like razor blade pieces.

The company launched in 2005 as a joint venture between Albert Hoinstenaplos and his son Roy, as a single vending cart in Secaucus. Albert passed away in 2007 and, “was pusthumously awarded an honorary certification in ice cream entrepreneurship by the New Jersey State Business Certification Sub-Board of the State Entity Accreditation and Recognition Committee,” a source close to the investigation said.